In a less confrontive vein, I think in pictures... symbols, images, allegories and so on.

Often it takes days, weeks... longer, to explain what I see clearly. I'm a crappy debater for this reason. I write better than I talk. But I'm a better photographer.

It isn't a matter of being inarticulate, it's about the richness, and density of the image. It takes a lot of effort to sort out the content.

Maybe this is why WINOGRAND had to put so much time betweeen making the picture and printing it. Or not.

On the other hand, analytical thinkers go step to step, and brick by brick, to get to the picture. It probably takes as long for either type of artist to get both words and picture... it's just different.

Family joke: after I've been 2 hours on the phone, my wife asks me what was i talking about. I usually stand with my mouth open and can't begin to answer. A day later, though, and I can replay the conversation.

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