My experience as a 35mm only user do not compare with yours LF. But:

I've found out that there are film/dev combos that sing; some others are just lifeless.

Just o illustrate, in the city I live thare's a very nice little store that only sells Kodak; there's another one (but that is mostly an X-ray materials store) that sells a bit of Ilford, and many times they are out of stock. No Agfa in the country, BTW.

So, upon my return to B&W, I decided to give TMX and PX a try (I used to be an Ilford user in past life, developed in HC-110, and I liked it).

I gave up on TMX in HC-110 since it was very difficult to avoid blown highlights.

PX in HC-110 was lifeless (I agree with lack of microcontrast), so I went to FX-37 and had mixed feelings.

Another test with E76, an ascorbic/phenidone formula, and bingo! That's what I was looking for.

Fine grain, sharp and it has life with the right scenes.

Jorge O