Sounds familiar---I have had both a Hasselblad 501C/M and a 503 CX for several years now and I picked up a RolleiFlex 3,5 F with Planar lens about a year and a half ago--it was just serviced at purchase by Harry Fleenor and a Maxwell Precision Optics split image focus screen installed by Harry. Bet you'd never guess my favorite MF camera to use??? The RolleiFlex wins hands down-- a fabulous camera and just as sharp as the Hasselblads' Planar. I was so delighted by the RolleiFlex 3,5 that I now have several incluing the 2,8 Planar,a 3,5 and 2,8 Xenotar, another 3,5 Planar with 12/24, several Tele (135 Zeiss Sonnar) models, good gosh someone slap me!! Get the picture ? (pun intended!) fine Cameras with 1st rate optics that can produce stunning images--I'm rather partial to Ilford FP4+ in the RolleiFlex and the lens contrast is just perfect for portraits. EXCELLENT!!
Joseph Burke