I've only ever bought 3 cameras new, My Nikon F65 and two digitals. The only one I currently own is the digital P&S that is dead and I keep forgetting to toss out.

The used market is just too good these days. A new EOS 3 retails for $1750CDN, I payed $720 for mine, which looks brand new (not even a scratch on it). And everything else I've bought since getting back in to photography is too old to get new (F90x, F601m, EM, Canonets, Super Ricohflex, Pentax MX, Ricoh KR-5sv, Spotmatic SP).

I have bought a couple of new lenses (most recently a EF 50 f1.8 II) but even then, I'll look for used deals first.

I'm more interested in keeping the film companies alive than camera companies producing new film bodies.