Hey all, my first thread here. Used to be a big betterphoto.com fan but they're getting stupid. They're all digi happy film haters and they are way to amateur for me to excel. Anyways. I live in a town where NO ONE does E-6. The cheaped mail out would be around $13-$15 a rol with shipping and everything. I glanced through a couple posts on here and found ya'll talking about JD PHOTOCHEM. $28 for two E-6 kits doesn't sound too bad. Anyways I hear this is a hard process. Is it? What about color temp having to be within 1 degree F (a rumor i heard), shouldn't a big bowl of the same temp water do the trick? I soup my own B&Ws so will this be an easy learning curve? Sry for the long post. Thx for the help ahead of time.