It's a very easy process. Somewhat tedious, but easy. The only fussy thing is the temperature in the first developer. The other solutions work to completion, and, although they need to be at about the same temperature as the developer, they are more tolerant of temperature and timing. I use a Jobo to process E-6, which takes care of the temperature and agitation issues for me. But I have processed E-6 in plastic and stainless steel tanks without any problems or fuss. You handle the film just like black and white, and agitate just like black and white. A simple water bath in a dishpan will hold the temperature accurately enough.

A thought on temperature control: you might try a fish tank with a thermostaticly controlled heater as a water bath. Put a little stand in it (maybe a full can of soup?) to support the developing tank. You can set the solution bottles in there too. I've used fish tank heaters for color processing, and they work great.