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I've just bought a Kiev 88 (manufactured in 1986). I have no previous experience with any medium format cameras, this is my first. I'd like to ask you for some advice:

1. what is your experience with this camera?

2. it took me quite a while to figure out how to load the film (still not sure if correctly) but now I'm stuck with the task to unload it. Do I need to do it in total darkness? Do I have to rewind the film or can I just take it out with the spool on which it is winded? (User manual which I found on the web is not very specific/understandable about unloading.)

3. is there anything different in the development of medium format negative (6x6 cm) in comparison to the 35 mm film?

I have a 60 not the 88. The 88 does have a rep of being a little quirky. The older ones seem better then the newer ones. What shape is it in? I'm assuming it's a stock model and not one that's been upgraded? Have you downloaded a manual for the camera?


You'll likely need more chemicals in the tank.