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Cost is high unless you process a lot of film. x rolls per kit is based on reusing the chemicals 2 or more times. However the once used chemicals have a short life so saving up two or three rolls is is way to go.
The tetenal 1 litre E6 kit claims to be sufficent for 12 films (process 2 at a time) and yields a cost of approx. 3 eur per roll and the 5 litre kit yields 1.5 eur / roll . And this is despite the kit having vat @ 21%. However, so far I have not taken the plunge to using it as I can simply have e6 processed without too much hassle and at about 4.5 EUR/roll. I guess I might be looking at it at some point, esp if I end up with a lot of uprocessed E6 in my hands.

There is no such thing as a E6 processing mailer here.