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I kind of backed into MF, my progression with photography has been a little weird. Started with 4x5, went to 8x10, stopped photographing for a while. Because of lack of funds started again with 35mm and then recently MF.
I have been totally unsatisfied with 35mm. Grain is bad and it looks like it has been optically tortured.
I just got done enlarging some MF negatives(8x10) and I am quite impressed. With efke 25/rodinal I do not see any grain even with modest magnification, and the images are easily as sharp and natural looking as 8x10 contact prints. All this with a 100$ rb, 100$ 127c lens, a 30$ 23c and a 30$ rodagon.

Brett Weston produced some enlargements from medium format that rival his contact prints, in my estimation.

I have come to believe that when it comes to modest enlargements that bigger is not always better.

I tend to enjoy 11X14 enlargements from 4X5 negs a lot more then 8X10 contact prints. I have both formats and no axe to grind.