I've looked alot of places and have found times for hand processing pmk for various films, but no luck for rotary proc. 4x5 film specifically (even Gordon's book only has times for hand proc.). I got my dev. technique down pretty good w. D76 and want to give this PMK a try. Plus, thanks to GreyWolfs idea, my unicolor tanks are leak proof now. Anyway, here's what I found so far for trix 1:2:100 12min/75 at ei250 from Ed B's site, and 14min/70 ei250 from Gordon (i shoot it at 160 though)..though I think those times are about the same when compensated for the temp....And fp4 1:2:100 10min/70. Now, I've also read rotary one might want to decr. dev. time...should I or just try these times and judge and adjust from there? I'm developing all my negs at N for now to keep things consistent in the beginning learning curve.

I plan on btw a 5min presoak in dilute sod metoborate solution, then onto dev, water stop, t4 and rinse.

Thanks for the help!

Oh, I also have some Delta 3200 (ei3200) thanks to Les (thanks buddy). Should I try to use the PMK (hand proc in stainless tank) or use Rodinal? Times anyone?? I see Ed has times 12.5/75..but he shot it at 800.