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If the original solution strengths are in grams/gram of solution, it's easy enough at least to get the weights. I then calculate:

34 grams p-aminophenol
167 grams K2SO3 or 133 grams Na2SO3
17 grams KOH or 12 grams NaOH

and I'm assuming that the total volume at the factory will be 500 liters, but my calculated weights would work for 500 ml.
I shouldn't do these things late at night. I think the weights are right, but I should have calculated the volume of water. It starts with 340 liters. 167.4 kg of K2SO3 comes in 30% of 558 kg od solution, leaving 390.6 kg of water, or 390.6 liters. 17 kg of KOH comes in 34% of 50 kg of solution leaving 33 kg of water. Thus, the total water in the mixture is 763.6 liters. What are the odds that the final volume was topped off at 1000 liters? Pretty good I think. If that is the case, the solution would be about half the strength I have been using in my homebrew. Sorry about that. I'll stick with mine, though, for my use.