The 80 mm Distagons sell for between $230 and $360 on eBay, most going for around $300.

The SL 66 is a fine camera - I have a pair of SL 66SE's - but certain lenses are hard to find, and if those lenses are the ones you want, you are probably better off going for Hasselblad gear - it seems cheaper anyway.

The rare lenses are the 40 mm FLE (which isn't as sharp in the corners as the current FLE IF - the CFE 40 IF - or any of the Biogons on the SWC, but it is still a very fine lens), the 60 mm and the 500 mm. Oh, and the 75 mm PC lens. Of those, I've seen more of the 500 mm than the others, but they are all difficult to find.

There's a non-FLE (floating lens element) 40 mm Distagon that's quite common. The only 50 mm for the SL 66 doesn't have an FLE.

The other side of the lens availability coin is that you can fit all kinds of lenses to an SL 66 because of the bellows and focal-plane shutter. Old barrel lenses, enlarging lenses, LF lenses, all sorts.

There's a bunch of snaps of greenery (with the grandiose title of 'Garden Notebooks') and dead flowers ('The Nature of Beauty' series) taken with an SL 66 in my Usefilm portfolio (Why? I don't know.) which is linked to below. I'll get a proper website one day.

For more about the SL 66 go to
If you do decide to buy one, I'd be happy to give you a run-down on what I see as the pros and cons of the three different models.

PS Claire might have the highly collectible SL 55, but I have the SL 666.