I was expecting delivery this week of at least a partial order of all model sizes to bring my existing product quantities up to par stock. The holidays always throws a wrench into production schedules and I am just one of many vendors the fabricator is dealing with.

The challenge thus far has been prioritizing the orders. I don't like any delay in shipping once something has been ordered, and since orders have been so steady for our current line, we've had a hard time scheduling the design/build of new product. As many BLACKJACKET(TM)s as are out there, I'll be making the bags for quite a while before we catch up.

And as for priorities, I am most eager to get the ULF models complete and into the production schedule, especially since we began working on those around this time last year.

But, once we get over that hump, it shouldn't be long to generate a large enough inventory that we can start shipping The BLACKBAG(TM)s.