I focus on two things which I strongly believe:

1. Traditional art work will ALWAYS have a higher intrinsic value than it's digital push button counterpart.
2. There will always be a lot of people who DO NOT want to use computers to create their art work.

APUG is proof that there are a lot of people who have no interest in using computers to create their art. Like many here I find using computers to create art to be a dead, sterile, and lifeless excercise. I need to catch light, pour chemicals, get my hands dirty and work an image into existence, not push pixels then push buttons. Our numbers are growing faster than ever before. Is it coincidence that digital's honeymoon phase is starting to end and our numbers are hitting record growth? I can accept that we will consolidate into a smaller entity but do not think the end times are near. Also, digital is impacting many art forms in a similar way which works to our advantage if you look at the big picture. For example digital tools can now create sculptures, paintings, sounds, etc. There will come a time when the art world has more appreciation for all things non-digital and photography will be a part of this movement along with sculpture and other traditional based art forms that refuse to assimilate.