Ian, do you know what the law is in GB on old photographs? Each country has it's own laws on everything. I think it's a "when in Rome do as the Romans" saying. Doesn't about every country have a set of copyright laws? I know it's a shame to have to think of it but what if I went to a gallery and took a digital camera and made a picture of one of your photographs and then came back home and made postcards out of them to sell. Even worse what if your photograph included one of your family members. I know they arn't the hundred year old ones mentioned but you get the feel. Photography can be many things to many people.

Personally I think the idea of getting the images out is great and if "battra92" makes a buck, eu, pound, etc.. then so what, they did the work and the intentions appear to be good.

What if Eugene Atget's life work wasn't reprinted and exhibited. Oh what we would have missed. A record of Paris like no one else had done.

We have a photographer, Darius Kinsey (sp) who photographed the woodsmen and the NW American forests etc. in the early part of the last century. Those images which appeared in text books I will never forget. There were so many people in them, imaging if the descendants objected to the reprinting of them. They have transcended mere photographs and have become history.