Well Jim, Think about these upcoming events - The Silver Conference, APUG Conference and the View Camera Conference will all be taking place over the next few months. If the predictions of doom and gloom were correct, do not think the folks involved would bother..so bottom line, there is still a buck to be made on traditional photography. Not what it was, but enough that these people think it worth while.

Maybe what you need it not sunshine but inspiration (did not make down for the Avedon exhibit here did you ) So get out, stay in...make some photos...use that new timer. All the fun toys we used to look forward to seeing are going away, but so many of the old toys we used to want, but could not afford - now we can...and they are just as much fun as before. Try some alternate process - make a VanDyke, try your hand at hand coating paper. Go to a gallery and find a print you love, get Rob Kendricks new book with the Cowboy Tin Types (it really is worth it)...now talk about a group of people that must hate to see all the automation replacing things...these guys are a what we grew up reading about, watching on TV....roping, branding, you get the idea. Things change....pretty much a cliche, but true none the less. How the change affects us is what is important, just because everyone else wants to point, click, download does not mean you have to. After all, how cool would it be if you were the last parent to shoot film at your kids graduation...and 30 years from now, they still had pictures from graduation....and no one else does? Now how cool do you think your kids will think you were then?