Jim -

I agree with you that the popular trend is toward digital. But so what?

I consider myself to be an individual. I don't have to follow the herd - I can do whatever I damn well want to do.

A local group that I'm a part of is organizing a display of work at a local coffee shop, and I anticipate having something in that display. I may well be the only traditionalist in the bunch - both in the sense that the work I will be showing was done chemically, and that it was done with a large format camera.

Excuse me - I have to stop wasting time on the computer and write some checks (yes, the paper kind - I don't pay all my bills on line).

And I will be using a fountain pen with bottled ink to write those checks. Because I want to and the fact that the herd used those tacky ballpoints doesn't mean that I have to lower my standards to match them.