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I'm not too good with remembering famous photographers, but wasn't some rural photographer named Farmer (I think that's why I remember thisguy's name) made famous this way? I think it was a collector ofold photographs who collected nothing but his photographs and and published a book on his works. Now, apparently his photographs are worth bajillions and guess who has most of them? The guy who collected and reproduced them. Find out what this guy did from legally and I'd say you are in the clear.
The guy in question here is Mike Disfarmer. There is an article about the collection of his photographs and the story of their discovery in the current issue of B&W magazine (issue 41, February '06). Here's a link for more information as well: http://www.disfarmer.com/. Apparently, if done correctly, selling this type of work and reproducing it in book form is quite legal and unassailable. (Of course anyone can sue anyone for anything here in the US, but most people don't. Lawyers with IQ's above room temperature don't initiate litigation unless they stand to make an adequate return from the action. Do this right and there's no incentive to sue...at least not for the lawyers.)