Well, I agree with everything most have said.

Here is a ray of positive hope.

I just had my first show open in a very small gallery down here in Eastern North Carolina. This is not a "big deal" place, but I was really nervous about how my work would be received. I worked hard on the photographs that I presented. My exposure and printing was the best that I had ever done in my life. I included a small framed artist and process statement that clearly described that my prints were traditional gelatin silver prints taken with a film camera and processed in chemistry. At the opening reception this past Friday, several people came up to me and said "wow! these are far better then digital. Also, one print sold in the first hour.... so, go figure... Maybe if guys like us do the best quality work we can do, present it well, describe our process and put the work out there for all to see, we will continue to be viable...

Keep the faith

Ed Sanford