Yes, back in high school with parts from a local electronics supplier. I think it was a Cds or the like. It was in an electronics class. We made electrical meters also.

I took woodworking, metal working, leather working, small engine repair, electricity, plastic making, all at the Junior high I went to. Then in High School I had more shop classes.

Most of the shop classes are gone now because "Johnny" might have an accident on the shaper or band saw or burn his finger on a soldering iron.
Instead of making something for mom or dad they learn the theory of how a tree grows.

I know, when the local school districts dumped shop equipment I acquired some nice Delta and other old but beautiful equipment that a shipyard would have loved. I am teaching my son how to use the equipment.

Not wonder we have to buy all of the crap from China through Walmart.

We had one foundry in our city that produce grates and manhole covers. The foundry workers, highly skilled, lost their jobs because we couldn't have that dirt place around. There are people who loved to do the work and liked the pay check too. Now we get the crap from slave labor in China.

I am glad that someone would even want to build a light meter.