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So what is the feeling about the new Zeiss Ikon range-finder, from those who bought one, since no stores around me have seen one.
I guess what really matters is how you feel it compares to the M6.... (I'm guessing that anyone buying a Ikon would be pretty familiar with the Leica's)
-Rob skeoch
Rob, I've been shooting with a Zeiss Ikon for a couple of months now. The best thing about it is the viewfinder - bright & easy to see the frame lines even with glasses. Mechanically, everything works very smoothly. In AE, metering is spot on. I'm delighted with it & really don't have a complaint so far.

I'd suggest that how it compares with an M6 or an M7 is really the wrong question & will only lead to turf wars because Leica loyalty is so strong. The ZI is a beautiful camera in its own right, very well built, & oozes quality. It offers its owner the full appreciation of rangefinder photography without any of the restrictions of a shorter base line camera. I use a mixture of CV & Leica lenses from 28 - 75 mm.