How can anyone consider more simple to get some ortho large format film (which is by the way unavailable since decades in the overwhelming majority of the world's countries) make two (read TWO) internegatives (with all the painful process of guessing the exposure with trial/error process, not even to mention unforseenable contrast shifts and forgetting the PITA of tray developing, and skipping over the long time needed for the emulsion to dry up which obliges to split the work over at least three days, and ingoring the progressive increase in spot and scratches) than slapping an enlarger under the sun, and even write that looking for a shortcut is stupid, is completely beyond my comprehension.

Just to mention how this is absolute common ground, I will simply quote Ed Buffaloe from his well known article "Less is more": The factor that most often inhibits people from trying the historic photographic processes is the need for a large negative suitable for contact printing. The traditional means of obtaining an enlarged negative has been to make an enlarged film positive (known as an interpositive) and then make a negative by contact. The length of the process defeats many people before they ever begin.

Enough said.