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No tripod doesn't sound too good - I suck at keeping the camera level - anybody know where would one get a permit to do 'professional' photography? Or is it just not worth the bother?

Tintern Abbey looks really cool - I'll definitely add that to the plans. I like cicercian architecture and want to go to France for it at some point ... no definit year number yet though.
As far as getting permission goes, I suppose it's a case of how much kit is involved. If you show up bristling with gear then someone might have something to say, mainly because these days the Health and Safety aspect is what they are largely concerned about, ie someone tripping over a tripod leg and going a*s over t*t down their forty foot flight of 14th century granite steps! I rather like the old maxim "Tis far, far easier to beg forgiveness than to seek permission."

Tintern Abbey is superb, but usually either crawling with people or engulfed in scaffolding, possibly both if you're really unlucky. A little further down the Wye Valley towards Chepstow is a place called "The 365 Steps", where there are ... I sense you're ahead of me here ... and if you go up them there are superb views across the meanderings of the Wye to the Severn and the Severn Bridges.