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I don't read into Aurore's response a tribute to remaining stupid. What I see and I'd agree with, is starting from a clean sheet - without the "dots to connect". If we choose to study another's work, we should be getting into the way things happen... but it is as valid to avoid another's work, as it is not - depending on what works for each one of us.
Thank you, Ed! That's what I was trying to say, but you managed to say it!

By all means study the works of others, but do not try to emulate them. To stand on the shoulders of giants, you have to move out of their shadows (and it was Newton, by the way - I checked).
A friend of mine was once apprenticed to a very well-known portrait photographer. For six months he was absolutely forbidden to study photographs - at all - but was encouraged to go to as many art galleries as he could (not much photography in Norwegian galleries then - or now).

I don't think I could get any good pictures without my "Wen" approach. Wen, not Zen - as in "Wen the Eternally Surprised" in "The Thief of Time" by Terry Pratchett. The whole point is to see what's outside your own head, instead of the inside like most people do.