To Aurore:

Having seen a little of your work and read your posts, I see a very creative person reaching out for support and ideas. There is no doubt, in my mind, that you will succeed. This is a great group for aid and support.

It is very important to study the work of others even though it may be offensive and objectionable - to you. The works of past masters have had a very positive effect on my own perception and results, not because I try to copy style of technique, but to act as a goal of excellence. Try Ed Weston for example. There are a few living here at APUG who have given me as much if not more inspiration. At age 68, I am still learning and experimenting in the "art" of photography.

Rules are good! They allow one to examine one's "failures" in an analytical way in order to learn and improve. However, to really create, one must not be afraid to break them. If it satisfies you, what else matters?

Truly, dr bob.