I have ended up with three of these, a 135, a 150, and a 210 and I rarely use any of them now for various reasons. Here is a totally subjective evaluation of my examples for 4x5 use.

The 150/265mm came on a Linhof I bought and it is a dog in all respects. At 150 it is just ok (and I have a tiny Fuji W that is much better) but converted it is almost unusable as it reminds me of holga images. I keep telling myself I will try it converted for a portrait lense or for turn of the century dreamy landscapes.

The 210/370 is a nice lense and I got many good images with it. It is prone to flare and is big but It gives good sharp images at 210mm. I don't have enough bellows to have used it converted. I replaced it with a modern coated Geronar mostly because of size and the shutter having quit on me. It is good enough that I paid to get the shutter fixed and am not sure if I will keep it but probably will.

The 135/235 is a nice little lens that I got for lightweight carry. I don't really need it but I like it at 135 and it is not bad at 235 with a some softness at the edges. I am happy to sometimes walk out with just this lens as a lightweight package but I am not looking for super sharpness when I do. I prefer and normally use a Fuji 125mm W (CMW?) for this length. I think I read somewhere that Wisner or his wife use this lens.

As you can tell I have mixed experience and it depends on what you want to use it for. I think my 150 led a hard life before I got it. Another example could be good.

Consider my observations as coming from someone that does little or no testing but simply looks at what I get from the lens. I don't understand why these lenses are so maligned by some but they are. Check the Photo.net archives as there is a lot there. I think if they didn't claim to be convertible that they would be held in higher esteem for a lens of their age. There are certainly better lenses and the prices reflect that, but at the price they go for today I can't think of much better for beginners and even beyond.