Well, my time is taken already for all this year, but if you write a booklet and decide to sell the blades, I am there! I defintily want to learn how to do this just in case...

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I've put a lot of time and effort into insuring the continued life of silver halide photography. That also includes an appreciable expense!

I could add a lot of commentary here, but I prefer action to words in this case. So now here is the challenge facing all of us.

I have 2 workshops scheduled in 2006. If they fill up, then there is proof that there are others willing to learn silver gelatin for real and continue the medium, but if they do not fill up, then this shows that there is too much talk and not enough action. I probably will then stop all work and give up. After all, why continue talking to people who don't want to listen? It is an exercise in futility.

Now, if you think this is simply a plug for the workshops to make money, consider this. I have figured the costs to me just in dollars spent and it would take me years of workshops to recoup even a fraction of what I put into this. The hand made one-of-a-kind stainless steel coating blades cost a small fortune. I'm probably going to have to sell a carload of them to pay for the 3 generations of prototypes I've gone through. The reason is that I am going to have to order a lot of them to keep the price down so you all can afford them.

So, my work just like some other APUG participants, is a labor of love to pass on something that may vanish and should not vanish from the face of the earth. I'm doing my part, the best way I know how.