Thanks for the reply.

I think that Michael made the correct interpretation of my question probably better than I did when I asked it. I had read Early Riser's sad tale of what a hard life he led and that was the question that popped into my head, out of plain curiosity as far as I could tell. If I had had a hidden agenda, it was hidden to me as well.

As far as being able to buy my own labour, Im in exactly the same position as anyone else who sells her or his labour, except that Id try to find someone less ditzy and with more drive.

This all reminds me of when I lived in the Chelsea Hotel. I wonder if the most some people ever got for their paintings was when they gave them to Stanley (the owner) in lieu of back rent. Some people get approved by the Art Mafia so the clueless know what to buy, some people produce work that is easy to digest as art and some people pursue their offbeat vision and survive however they can. Good luck to them all.