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Just out of interest, could you afford one of your own prints? Have you ever bought a print at the price that your prints are sold at?

I think an even more important question that we need to ask ourselves is "do we buy the work of other photographers?" The prominent photographic teacher, Fred Picker, said the following in one of his news letters:
"There is no such thing as a good photographer who doesn't collect photographs and see exhibits any more than there exists a good musician who never buys a recording or goes to a concert or a writer who doesn't read."

We shouldn't expect others to value analog photography if we only adorn our walls with our own personal analog work. Every good musician worth his salt has a vast music collection. Most starving writers have a decent library or a well used library card. I regularly buy photography (especially color because I don't think I do it that well and I enjoy the work of others). I think you can only lead by example and that is periodically buying the work of other photograpers whose works contribute to your enjoyment and support of the craft. APUG creates a very special opportunity because you can trade with others thereby keeping costs competitive. I have 3 fine pieces that I obtained from APUG members.