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Thanks for the reply.

......I had read Early Riser's sad tale of what a hard life he led .......


Helen, I've never claimed that I have a hard life, in fact I feel blessed to have the life i do. However as fortunate as i am, does not mean that I do not work extremely long and hard at what I do and face a certain of risk both financial and physical in pursuing it.

It is downright expensive to travel as much as I do to shoot landscape photography. I am not shooting flowers in my backyard. And the amount that I have invested in equipment and facilities exceeds the cost of a good house. The costs of producing my images and prints are reflected in the price of those prints.

The galleries on their part have financial risk as well and that is why they have to believe that they can sell the work. There is no "art mafia", if a gallery owner likes your work and thinks they can sell it they'll represent you.

As for having my work available to the masses, they can go to IKEA or buy one from thousands of poster shops around the world. The price for the posters start at under $5.00 for the smallest sizes. How much more accessible can I make it?