Fumes are only a problem with tray development, and not necessarily even then. The problem increases proportionally with tray area and temperature, so my 9 1/2 x 12" trays at 20C are no problem unless I use really strong or noxious chemicals - which I don't.

For film development, all you need is a Paterson tank and a reel, a beaker and a bottle. A changing bag is nice if you don't have a properly dark room. Load film on reel, put in tank, close tank. Mix developer (use liquid concentrate, and use one-shot), pour in tank. Develop as per instruction or habit. Dump developer, fill tank with water, agitate, dump. Fill tank with fix from bottle (that's what it's for), agitate or whatever as per instructions again. Pour fix back in bottle. This is the only chemical I reuse. Then wash as per Ilford method, hang to dry.

All in all, you get a 10 square centimeter area exposed to air for a minute at most (developer). Fume problem? Nonexistent. The fixer smells worse, but is less hazardous.