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I am going to remain the optimst here. Film photography will be around for a long time to come, there is a huge ever evolving market for used gear of all brands and price points, its called Ebay. Ilford is still around as is Fuji and JandC Photo are doing really interesting stuff, even Kodak in its confused identity crisis is still pumping out Tri-X and Plus-X. I just got a Nikon F2 last week and its off to get its CLA, its not an FM3a but it did not cost the same as one either and it last pretty well near forever compared to the current digital lineup which maybe last 5 years and then get landfilled.
LP's are back with a vengance, I know where I can get here in the GTA a decent turntable for about $600 and play my dad's jazz lp's.
True Bill, but even that requires a change of thinking. No more will you be able to go into a camera store and buy a 35mm Nikon "NEW". Personally, I prefer to purchase new equipment, whenever possible.