Ok, I've shot the Jay Pritzker pavillion in Millenium park a number of times now and I have yet to be confonted by the yellow jacket rent a cops. Though I read on some other sites these clowns were trying to actually shake down photographers because they were using a tripod or looked like a pro, ah the Chicago grease my palm mayor Daley machine.

Well today was...uh different. I approach the pavillion at roughly sun up to catch the highlights off of Franks awsome structure he has designed and here comes Barney freak'n Phife. Barney says, what is that? I say a rocket launcher. Barney takes this well and chuckles, Ive gotta call this in to see if you can stay. He returns and says go ahead but you need to hurry.

Ok Barney I'm gonna hurry with my 11x14, tripod and all slung over my shoulder with holders.

So I set up for about my fourth shot, and up walks one of his buddies, "hey can't set up there you blocking the walk way" ok so I move over a foot or two so the crowd of people can rush by at 0630hrs on a holiday and then he hovers there for the rest of my set up and shot, no biggie I guess.

They gotta bug me one more time before I finish , Miss Phife in charge sneaks up on me while I'm under the blanket and asks, "are you suppose to be a pro or sumth'n" I say, nope I'm just a amatuer but after all the questions today I feel like a pro. She doesn't like my attitude I can tell. I'm waiting for the boot from her but it never comes, she yaps into the GI Joe hand set and walks without a word.

Why does this pavilion need a army of no less than a dozen donut eaters walking in circles around it ready to pounce on your freindly neighborhood eccentric ULF photographer? It is a public park is it not? Has anyone else had to deal with simular nonsense?