I've used a Gitzo monopod for years. Sometimes I've just used it with the tip slipped under my belt for much improved steadiness. The Gitzo has a metal ring at the top plate with a wrist strap attached. I have a plastic coated metal 10 ft dog leash (more of a tie-out really) for small dogs that I attach in a long loop to the hand strap ring with a small carabiner. I can then step into the loop formed by the dog leash and spread my feet for a triangular brace for the monopod. The leash is solid, but small and light enough to coil into a camera bag pocket.

Berlebach makes a wooden shooting/hunting bipod that looks interesting, but only goes to 1.45 meters. I've wondered for a long time why someone doesn't make a photo bipod. The sports guys need the horizontal twisting motion that a monopod allows, but someone working more slowly could certainly gain from the extra leg.

You can also lean a monopod against a natural feature for extra bracing if the perspective works for you. Bogen/Manfrotto also makes a short brace (3422 Monopod Support) and head combo for their monopods, to be used against the chest, or resting on the ground for a short tripod.

I'd agree with FrankB about the gain in stops for a free standing monopod.