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Azo does not require greater overall negative density.
The Azo I use does, especially this new Canadian stuff. It requires a negative with a little more contrast than one optimal for enlarging papers, but a lot more density.

I rate Efke PL100 at 50, place my shadows on Zone IV and develop for 12-18 minutes in ABC pyro (by inspection). I rate 400TMax at 200, place the shadows on Zone IV and develop a normal negative for 10 minutes, an N+1 for 12 minutes. I do not develop by inspection with TMax.

The resultant negatives look black when I turn on the lights, but when I print them there's tone everywhere. On the old Rochester grade 2 Azo, some of my Tmax negatives require a 3 minute exposure under a 300W R40 lamp 3.5 feet above the frame.

Since I've been shooting and developing for extra density in my negatives, the shrugs formerly elicited when I showed people my prints have turned to gasps. Therefore, I'll keep on doing it.