Chris, I checked with Bostick and Sullivan who along with PhotoFormulary have entered into an agreement with Gordon Hutchings on producing and selling the PMK formulation. Either Gordon is not indicating the same thing to all people or something else is lacking in communication. At any rate, this is what was located on the B&S site pertaining to pyro and PMK pyro as it pertains to rotary processing. You may benefit from checking this out more completely for yourself.

What is Pyro?
Pyro is actually a loose family of film developers that use the chemical pyrogallic acid. There are many variations to the basic formula, the most popular current version is Hutchings' PMK developer (for Pyro Metol Kodalk). Edward Weston used a famous formula for many years he called ABC pyro. Most pyro formulas can only be used in tray development because heavy agitation quickly oxidizes the pyro and it depletes rapidly, so B&S makes Rollo Pyro for use in Jobo™ drums and other rotary development systems.