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My name is Curt Jackson; my grandparents were from England and Ireland. I need a couple of rolls of Adox/Efke 25 for an job I was lucky to get. JandC has no timeline for the availability so I ask retro photographic ltd for some.
Here is their reply.


We only have a very small quantity of the 50 which I prefer to keep for regular UK customers. I am sure that J&C will get some in due course.

retro photographic ltd

At the risk of offending everybody I will just let you decide.

The key phrase here may be "Regular UK customers". In other words irregular UK based customers or first time customers in the U.K. like me may not get any either until the stock situation improves.

I can understand this. If Retro fails to satisfy its regulars then it may jeopardise its regular income stream.

Just an alternative explanation which may be more palatable.