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Don C6H6O3 et al,
Is this a problem ( the way your both approach this issue differently) caused by two different individuals or is this a problem caused by two different pyro developers? Don is a Pyrocat-HD and C6H6O3 talks about his use of ABC-Pyro.

My opinion is that there is certainly a difference between these two developers. ABC in my experience is a much more active developer. It is a very good developer and some of my finest negatives prior to Pyrocat were developed in ABC (both for enlarging and for contact printing)...Lee if you remember the postcard that I sent of the street of that small town...that negative was Bergger developed by inspection in ABC. Incredibly sharp and wonderful tonal separation.

My difficulty with ABC was one of uneven development. That is the problem that Ansel Adams seemed to indicate as well. I have been thinking of retrying ABC with brush development. That may solve the uneven development problem. I would have to say at this point of having used the two developers that the sharpness edge goes to ABC and that the high value tonal separation is slightly better with Pyrocat. The printing exposure times are immaterial to me in working with silver. I understand that for Pt-pd, carbon, etc. that is an entirely different consideration.

Beyond that I think that the difference that C6H6O3 and I have is one of individual vision apart from the developer difference. Nothing wrong with his ideas...nothing wrong with mine. Just different.