I use and really like F and F2.. If I could keep only one, it would be the F2.

The F2 is rock solid, fits the hands a little better than the F, which has German Contax inspired edges descended from the RF Nikons. F2 also has the 100% finder. Easier going with mirror lockup. Like the F, it has simple, direct controls, no battery dependency. Flexible. Lots of finders and accessories. The sync is a little faster on F2. The red mark is somplace between 60 and 125. Maybe an 80th? Some say that F2 was the pinnacle of Nikon's handfinished camera construction era. I think it may be true, but not by much. The F richly deserves its status as a classic.

I have owned Nikomats. Honestly, they are rock solid battle tank Nikons through and through as far as I can tell. I just do not like the cropped viewfinder. About 86% or some such dismal number as best as I recall. As has been noted, their sync is 1/125 with the vertically traveling copal square shutter. Best of all, they mount available and affordable Nikkors same as F, F2, F3, etc.

Henry Fisher