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Well it looks like my Pyrocat HD has gone south on me. I shot two sheets of film and developed one in Pyrocat and the other in fresh D76. The Pyrocat neg was thinner than thin....barely there. The D76 neg was normal.

The only thing I can think of is that my Pyrocat must have gotten contaminated somehow. So I dumped what was left of it (maybe 30 mls of each solution)

Anyway I would like to order more from Photog Formulary or Artcraft. I am wondering however just how economical the kit for Photog Form is. Am I better off to buy the chemicals in bulk? I would like to get enough for 20 or 30 litres of working solution. What quantities of the chem's should I get if I go bulk?

I bought my chemicals in bulk from Artcraft. I have been mixing my own chemicals for some time for reasons of economy. I already had everything but the Cathecol and Phenidone A in stock so those were the only additions that I needed. I bought a pound of Cathecol and 250 gms of Phenidone. However that will make a lot more then the quantities that you specified.

By looking at the formula at www.unblinkingeye.com you can determine what you will need in bulk to arrive at the your quantities. The only other consideration is a scale that will measure in gms. Good luck.