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Hey Ron,

You bringing a camera out with you? If so, perhaps, Aggie, Les, You and I can take a quick day to burn some film in Glacier.

I would love to!

Right now in my planning, I would say that I will have a Nikon 2020 with me with LOTS of film, as well as a Nikon D70 with several cards. I plan on making side-by-side comparisons, and will have a few with me to show you where I'm at right now. Digital sux big time, especially if you know how to look at the right things. However, for IR, you can get some interesting results from digital.

I brought my Bronica 2 years ago, and last year I brought 2 Nikormat ELs, but had one of them fail and lost all of those pictures. I need to get it fixed somehow. It's my 'baby'. I might bring a Nikon Pronea, but I'm ashamed to show it in public. Heheheh. I use it at family affairs. Our kids and grandkids don't know the difference.

The problem will be how to find the time to get away. I will have a lot to do at the start and end of the workshop. PM me or send an e-mail and we can try to set things up.