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I think the interesting statement is from C6H6O3's, "The negatives I make which enlarge well have too much contrast for Azo." I would think it would be the other way around. Where am I going wrong on this?

I was wrong. I was in a terrific hurry when I typed that. What I mean is not that these negatives have 'too much contrast' but that the scale is on the wrong part of the curve. For Azo it needs to be shifted more toward the right, jammed up against the shoulder, if you will.

Here's a good example of an image from a negative which enlarges wonderfully but from which I cannot make what I consider to be a fine print on Azo. On Bergger VCNB it has open, detailed shadows, glowing midtones and detailed highlights. On Azo, if I print the highlights effectively, the lower zones are all too dark. Any attempt to hold them back with a water bath brings dreaded mud.