"""is it normal to have the clear film base on the edges to be stained or clear??"""

I don't have any film here at the house but I believe that the clear areas of the film around the outside of the image should have stain in that area also. PMK has a general overall stain. IMO, the trick is to just process the film long enough and print thru the stain. I have been using PMK for about 5 years now and I don't re-soak after fixing and I shoot most of the films I use (HP5+ mostly) at the box speed. My times for normal at 68f is around 17 minutes with tray processing and continual rotation. I hesitate to call it agitation. I also put several drops of Edwal's LFN wetting agent in the pre-soak. That helps the largeformat film not stick together when it first hits the water. I also use Nitril Gloves so I don't get anything on the skin or in the cuts that I seem to always have on my hands. I use H2O for stop bath and I don't use HCA or hypo clear but wash for 20 or so minutes and then run the film thru Photo-flo for a little bit and hang it up to dry. That is what I do, but ymmd.