Many thanks for info on mask effect on CN17 film.Strangely enough, this mask effect is'nt mentioned in any of Berger's Agfacolor books, published 1950-67. But there is a mention of a colour correction positive masking process for Agfacolor motion picture film in FIAT report 976. Jack Coote worked for Ilford for many years. He may have just assumed that C-22 and P-122 were used from the start,(1942).on the other hand he must have had contacts in Kodak Ltd in UK and have had some knowledge of Kodacolor.Certainly by 1949 EK were marketing the "Ektacolor Processing Kit" for Ektacolor Type B film,and later, Ektacolor Print Film. Do you know if this processing kit was identical to the C-22 process, or were the solutions, times, temperatures different?
I beleive CD3 replaced CD2 around 1955, the same time that Kodak Color Print Material Type C was introduced which later became Ektacolor paper. MDT