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6 bath gives the more neutral results and the Kodak process the most neutral grey. When absolute colour accuracy is required as in studio work the 6 bath process should be used. Outside work is a different story. An absolutely neutral E6 can give very cold results on film exposed out of doors in the middle of the day. In these circumstances the warmer results of the 3 bath processes are normally preferable to film exposed without filtration and processed in 6 bath.

This is the sort of thing that I was looking for.

Now let me take my questions a step further: what is the shelf life of the chemistry kits. I will most likely be using the kits in one-shot fashion. If I remember what I've read, I will dilute the chemicals from concentrate to use "today." The rest of the concentrate I return to the shelf for use another day. Once finished developing today, I will dispose of the working solutions.

Thus, I don't really care about the shelf life of the working solutions; they'll be thrown away immediately. But I do care about the shelf life of the concentrates, both for the 3-bath and the 6-bath kits.