Here's the bit that sticks in my craw:

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Leave the books of other people's photographs for somebody else... I really don't care, and chances are, I won't like it anyhow.
Given that we live in a culture bathed continuously in media, chosing to deliberately avoid media that is specifically presented for the sake of its ideas -- that is, not for the precision of its technical execution, or for some other reason such as selling soap or idolizing the already-famous -- is to commit a sort of auto-lobotomy.

One cannot pretend that one is without influences. To know them is, in a very real way, to know your own taste and your own mentality. You are what you eat. One can also choose to have specific influences. But to choose to avoid the work generally known to be among the best is either (a) to delude oneself into believing that this work is inferior to your own inner vision, and/or (b) to prefer to wallow in the safe realm of the mediocre least-common-denominator. In both cases you end up locked in a mental prison of your own construction.

It is a bit like saying you prefer to avoid salad and fruits because you worry that they will degrade your preference for Krispy Kreme & McDonald's fries.