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Last year I tried my hand at cyanotypes and figured out how to do it at a basic level, but I never got too excited about the strident blue color so I let it drop. I now have some negatives that I managed to screw up in processing that are pretty darn contrasty and I am now thinking that this may be the time to think about alternate processes again. I think I want to stick to silver processes (I'm cheap and inexperienced!). What would be the best process to try out? I have a printing frame and light source already. It would be a bonus if I could use pyro developed negatives meant for silver also (probably a bit much to ask, I know!).

Thanks -- Mark

Start with VDB prints as it is a less expensive process than making palladium or kallitype prints and also a little easier (although palladium printing isn't that difficult once you get comfortable with the process). After getting comfortable with VDB printing you can move on to palladium printing or kallitypes.

Making VDBs will teach you a lot and you will be able to leverage your skills and apply them to other alternative processes.

Don Bryant