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My first post! I have a F3hp/MD4 with 2.8/28, 2.8/24. I have had it for 5 months and love it!! Now I have seen a F1n/AE. Should I get one? Or do I just stay with what I have? I had a EOS 10s once and it served me well.
I think in the FD lenses are quite cheap and really really good. I would like to team up with a sharp lens if I go ahead with the F1n.

Help me!

Hi Mark. It really depends on what you need a new camera for.

I use a New F1 with NFD lenses. I don't need much more to make the kind of photos I want. But I would recommend it only if you really need another system since you have the Nikon, which is also excellent.

Starting to build a new system with the FD and/or NFD lenses might take some time and could eventually cost you quite a lot because certain lenses are so popular and often hard to find cheap even in the auctions.

So, you can certainly get a backup body and more lenses for your F3 for the money you will spend. That way you will be more comfortable with what you use mainly.

Good luck.