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This is the sort of thing that I was looking for.

Now let me take my questions a step further: what is the shelf life of the chemistry kits. I will most likely be using the kits in one-shot fashion. If I remember what I've read, I will dilute the chemicals from concentrate to use "today." The rest of the concentrate I return to the shelf for use another day. Once finished developing today, I will dispose of the working solutions.

Thus, I don't really care about the shelf life of the working solutions; they'll be thrown away immediately. But I do care about the shelf life of the concentrates, both for the 3-bath and the 6-bath kits.

I checked the book I quoted yesterday again today. I am afraid the author makes no mention of shelf life. He was a professional with his own processing facility so with his usage shelf life was probably never an issue.Most kits will carry leaflets which I'd expect mention shelf life. I suspect that most kits' leaflets will quote similar shelf life. The one thing I know of,that you can do to ensure maximum life which may extend the quoted shelf is to cover the chemicals with a protective gas which excludes air. Tetenal Protectan is one such gas. The colour expert at Nova Darkroom believes in it but there may be others on this site who will advance the opposite view.

The problem with film developer is that if it has lost its potency then it is too late when you view the film and a whole roll is at best developed to an inferior standard.

With Ilfochrome printing taking a chance is less risky as at worst the deteriorating quality affects one print and can then be thrown away.

I'd mark all chemicals in kits with a first used date. Unless you are using kits at a speed where you can be sure of using the whole kit so quickly that it doesn't matter then it is easy to forget dates.

Try APUG's search engine as photo engineer has suggested. You're unlikely to find a ready packaged answer in any one thread/post but will gain knowledge.

APUG has discussed the possibility of a forum to gets condensed, concise answers to cover some frequently discussed items. Very useful to newcomers and probably in fact to most of us, if truth were told. Unfortunately it is easier said than done.

Just give it a go and best of luck. You can always give us your findings afterwards in terms of what was easy/hard. You'll usually get other members' comments on your scans in the Critique Gallery or in the threads by attaching a thumbnail.