I still do test strips - or should I say: I do test strips again.

I never use less than half a sheet, and place it where there are consistent key areas across the sheet. I do the exposure in half-stops: 2,3,4,6,8,11,16,22,32 seconds or parts of this scale. This is in addition to measuring key areas with my Ilford EM10 meter, I find that the combination also gives me a fair idea of the effect of burning/dodging.

I then make a test print, with burning determined from test strip and experience. This is usually close enough that the next one is a final print with only very minor adjustments.

MF film developed in non-staining developer I go straight from metering to test print and final. But that's because I know that enlarger/film combination so well that I really only have to adjust for which paper I'm using...